Let's just say that I got less, and more, than I bargained for this past weekend. I was reminded of what I was already told, but, clearly needed to know again.

I have only one story! But there are so many stories.

Still, I know that's what you want. To hear it over and over. And to lose more of yourself every time. I can do that absolutely.



Let's just say that I got more, and less, than I bargained for this past weekend. I was reminded of what I already knew, but, clearly, needed to be told again.

I have so many stories! But they are all one story.

Still, I know that's what you want. To hear it over and over. And to lose yourself more every time. I can absolutely do that.


next weekend

Just a quick FYI:

I will be alone in a gloriously plush hotel room next weekend. Did I say alone? Yes, alone. All weekend (16-19).

I will probably be busy during most of the days, but the nights are long and so lonely!


party girl

I have fallen in with a group of people who like to go out all night.

I have always loved to go out all night. And it is hard to find others who like to do it (who are not twelve years old and on drugs like everyone else in the lower east side on an average Saturday evening).

But a few weeks ago, I went with a friend to see some music, and, well, then it was seven in the morning. I love when that happens.

Since then, we have gotten into a little routine. Sometime around eleven or so on Friday or Saturday, I will, inevitably, get a text message with some location on it, "Chibi's Sake Bar," or "fountain at Columbus Circle," and off we go.

This past Saturday's text was "12th and A."

I was coming from midtown so I was trying to find a cab. It was, as you know, Halloween weekends and the only free cabs were in my fantasies, so I waited for about ten minutes and then started walking down 42nd street towards grand central, thinking I might have better luck there.

As I approached the terminal, I could see a taxi pull over about a block and a half ahead of me. Someone was getting out, and I could see the light flip on. Without thinking, I started sprinting down the median, full speed. The empty cab was waiting for the light to change, and I threw myself on the back door handle and yanked it open just as the light turned green. The driver laughed.

I was breathing hard, senses on fire, the night just getting going. I was dressed entirely in black - black skirt, knee high biker boots, black tank top, hair untied and everywhere, red lipstick. Ready.

When I got to the corner, the crew was waiting. B was dressed as a woman, S as a blow up doll, P as a storybook character. We found a halloween party in full swing at a bar and went in.

Skipping forward an hour or so, B, in his girlwear, and I are dancing to the Cure, his hands on my hips. Every time we come together, I can feel his cock under his skirt, trying to escape the confines of his pantyhose. I look up and see an older man sitting on the couch in the corner, not dressed up, just watching. That was the moment I lost it.

P, who is actually a woman, and I have a history of heating up together. She was sitting nearby and I pulled her on to the dancefloor. We started dancing and she kissed me, tongue going deep. B loved this of course, and he pressed closer from behind.

The man on the couch let his hand stray to his crotch. I could see the quick squeeze. A flood of wetness to my cunt.

B reached around and let his hands slide under my tank top. I grabbed P's hips and pulled her towards me, our legs pressed into each other's pussy. The music slowed a bit and we just moved that way, rubbing on each other, while B grabbed for my nipples, pressing his cock into my ass.

The man on the corner kept his hands off of himself, but I could see what was happening to him. I was about to cum on the dancefloor when I pulled P and B over towards the back. There was a really dark alcove I had noticed, where a lot of people were crowded. The man got up and followed us.

We stood there, smiling for a minute, making stupid small talk, although we could barely hear each other over the music. We were pushed closely together and after a minute, I felt B's hand under my skirt. He quickly found my sopping pussy, and worked a finger in my cunt from behind. I leaned back against him and pulled P towards me again.

The guy stood at a little distance away and kept watching.

This part went on for about five minutes, which was all I could take. I broke away and went into the bathroom. A knock, and the man was there.

He wanted to fuck, of course, but I told him, as you know too well, that I was not into that. Ok, that's fine, he said, but can I cum for you? Of course, I said.

I sat on the floor, with my back against the wall and brought my knees up. I pulled my thong into my pussy lips a little further so that he could see how wet I was. He got a little nervous at that point, but I told him to take his cock out, and he did. It was so hard that it came springing out of his pants. I slipped a finger in my cunt and started pumping it in and out a little.

You looked like quite the little slut out there, he said. Yeah, I said. I haven't cum in awhile. I want to cum for you, ok?

Uhhh. He was jerking it full on now. Nodding.

I spread my legs a little further and slid down the wall a bit so that I was under him. I'm going to fuck myself with my finger and imagine your cock in there.

This was not going to take long.

I slid a few more fingers in, and pulled up my tank top so that he could see my titties. Look at me, I said. I want you to cum on me. Jerk that cock right on me.

He was stroking fast, pumping his shaft, spreading his legs and leaning into it now.

Come on. Fuck that cock for me. Shoot that big load on me. I was starting to cum.

He moaned and started squirting. He bent his legs a little so that his cum fell on my stomach in hot spurts. Mmmm.

Then we just got up and went back out. Just like that. He left right after that, and I went on with my friends. We ended up doing Karaoke later that night, along with more making out in the private Karoake room. I made P cum with my finger up her very tight little pussy.

After what feels like months of a dry spell on the dark side while I have been working, this was a night that I needed.

I am writing from work right now. You have no idea the pain I am in.