disassembly line

My clit is aching today.

Why today? I couldn't say. I have been traveling for the last week... maybe I have been working too hard.

But here I sit, legs crossed, squeezing my thigh muscles together every few seconds, which sends a rush of pleasure from my swollen cunt down my legs and up my stomach to my nipples.

Here is what I wish was possible:

I want to set a time, like 3pm on some boring work day. At that moment, everyone who would like to participate would start stealing touches to their hardening cocks. You'd start feeling the precum dampen your underwear, shifting in your seat in anticipation if you are at work, or stripping naked if you are at home, porn on, cock in hand.

Then I would just start down the list. You would have five minutes to cum for me and then I would go on to the next cock. So by the time I called, you would be ready. Desperate, even. Needing me to hear you jack off for me while I pumped my pussy with my wet fingers. Feeling like you will die if you don't get that rush, that hot spurt, while you grunt into my ear.

I want to be your release.

If anyone is around this afternoon, I could at least satisfy some part of that fantasy...



Behold... she lives.

If you have emailed me in the past month or so, then I have not received it. My email account was discontinued because I didn't check it for so long. (I am sure there is some deeper meaning in this.)

Not only did I lose all of my email archives, but I lost all of my addresses as well. So if you have not heard from me in awhile, well, you will never hear from me again if you don't email me.

This is just the way it will go - now here, now not here... but, as you know, when I am on, well, I am on. Very, very on.

Keep in touch...