I have a few, small partial body pics that I can send you on request just so you can see that I am thin, fit, and potentially as hot as I say I am. I am uncomfortable with sending out more explicit or full body pics, so if you really want them, feel free to make a creative offer or I can give you a paid link to download them, but I am not just going to send them out for nothing to whoever wants them. Sorry. And, for the whiners, yes, I do very much understand that you can get lovely nudie pics for free all over the internet so why am I being so mercenary, and my answer is that there are a a few people who want to see me in particular, so if that is not you, great.

If you want to talk to me or listen to recordings of me or have me watch you on a cam, or any of that, well, first let me say that my primary interest is not phone sex or other paid services. If that were my main gig, I would be going about this a completely different way. I do that here and there only with people who I have established some rapport with and who I really like, or who really turn me on. This site is here for me to look for some like-minded people, to get off, to get you off, and to explore/write about, well, sex.

If you don't have huge baggage with the concept of compensating me, you can email me for the links to the paid stuff, or you can send me more creative gifts, if you like, and we can also talk about all of the other possibilities for interacting. But I am deeply tired of people thinking that this site is a front or a lure for an escort service or other paid services. If you don't find additional kinds of interaction with me valuable, or you can get it somewhere else for free, that is completely fine. I am not pushing anything on you. You can just enjoy my stories.

I will give the links to you only if I like you, you are ok with it, you want it, and you are nice. Otherwise, I can direct you to some of my hotter blog entries where you can jerk off at your leisure. I get off - in a big way - knowing you are reading them. But I beg you not to ask if I will call you directly (not using the service), or see you in person, no matter how fabulous, smart, hot, and not-an-axe-murderer you are. Won't happen. I am a fantasy object. And the exchange of goods and services is an integral part of the whole deal for multiple reasons which I have analyzed in painful detail in many posts on this site.

I am not independently wealthy, so I usually do not have time to email or IM much, since I need to work, but I can do it every once and awhile. I always enjoy hearing your responses to what you read here. So please write me, I read everything, but don't be hurt if I don't get around to responding right away. Along with having a "real" life to attend to, I do have to prioritize certain people who value my time more than others.

PS. As of March 2007, here is the deal.

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