likes and wishes

After more than a year of dangling my fingertips in the darkside, I have come up with a draft (subject to constant revision) version of what I think I know I like:
  • I like to watch or listen to men jerking off. This is not big news.
  • I like to be told what to do more than I like to tell others what to do. I like to be used.
  • I like everything from grunting need to articulate control, and everything in between.
  • I like the catch I can hear in a man's voice as he gets hard and starts to touch himself.
  • I like to pinch my nipples when I am talking on the phone and I start to get wet.
  • I like light pain. Sometimes.
  • I like getting fucked in the ass. Hard.
  • I like having my head pushed down on a man's cock.
  • I like the thought that a person can say whatever they want to me.
  • I like cumming for men.
Now, some things I wish:
  • I wish, and this is not a new wish, that I could queue up a line of men in the mornings who have woken up hard and just need to cum fast. I would listen to them one after another. Encourage them. Release them into the day.
  • I wish the world were a different place and I could meet total strangers in out of the way places and watch them jerk off for me without worrying about being hurt or raped.
  • I wish I did not have the job that I have so that I could show you what I am doing right now on a web cam.


quick and fast

A blink of an eye image for you.

This morning, walking the dog, car parked on a side street, windows rolled down.

I am walking by, five minutes out of the shower, no bra, no underwear, cool cotton skirt, t-shirt.

Glance over, seat back, man in driver's seat, reclining, eyes closed, hand moving... no way... yes way...

I slow down (of course), slow down more, then stop, watching.

He does not notice, eyes still closed, cock out, long, slow pulls, then faster, slower, faster.

I am rooted, staring, wet, dog pulling me ahead, wanting to keep walking.

His hand moving faster now, moving toward release, skin reddened, engorged, mouth open, small groan.

I am, predictably, wet, still watching.

Faster still, head lolling to the side, tongue out, imagining a breast or a cunt, uncontrollable jerking, hand is a blur, I can feel the wetness slipping down my thigh as he cums, a spurt, a groan, his shirt, eyes fluttering, and I am suddenly awake, letting the dog pull me away, cool air hitting my hot clit.

Straight to a cafe, tie up the dog, head for the bathroom, hands on my newly shaved pussy and pouting lips, a violent cumming, then outside for an icy coffee and a slow walk home.